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 [Jealous Swarm Bugs] Engine

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Devourer of bugs

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PostSubject: [Jealous Swarm Bugs] Engine   Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:17 pm

Extracted from the wbc3 wiki:

1. Sound based memory leak! As you play consecutive games without closing to desktop, the sound starts playing up and the very stability of the game falters. Eventually the game to crashes to desktop, but you'll receive a few signs before this actually happens. The first one is the campaign cutscenes loose their narrator speech. Later, in-battle speech start to be cut short. Then, when the game verges on the brink of crashing, all sound effects appear to have been disabled - literally, because the game has set the sound FX options to "off". At this point the game is certain to crash when you next get to the victory/defeat screen after the battle.

2. Having too many units / buildings defined through the system.xcr's cfg files, causes the game to immediately crash when it has to load any unit / building. The current limit is equal to the amount of units already in the game, meaning you can't add any more units to the current game. Like above, it's not something a normal player would encounter, but there is still no fail safe to prevent player ruining their game accidentally. FIXED

3. Like with everything else, there is a limit to the number of features the game allows on a single map. This itself is not a bug as the game simply prevents any more from being placed instead of crashing, but I'm classifying it as one because it does causes an area of the game to not work as intended - random maps! Some of the random map files (GOMs) are so heavy in features that on some terrain types (mainly Grasslands) the game hits this features limit before even assembling half the map, causing the top half to be rich in detail, whereas the bottom half is left utterly baron! FIXED

4. There is an in-game limit to the amount of units any one side can produce. I deem this a bug because players can encounter this just by playing the game normally. I'm unsure of what happens when the Human player hits this limit, but the AI simply breaks down and does nothing for the rest of the game, even if it already has units on the field which it can attack with. FIXED

5. There's also a limit to the amount of units / building that are allowed on a map at any one time. Once this limit is reached, the game crashes to desktop. Unfortunately, this one is actually rather common, especially with 5 Emperor AI players. The other day I decided to play against some Emperors in a normal scenario (my first game against Emperors in 2014) and sure enough, we hit this limit! That's 1 game with Emperors and 1 game where it was a stalemate due the this crash-causing-limit. Determined not to let it be, I reloaded my save file of that match and tried many times to rush them, picking off easy to destroy buildings and even had to result into destroying my own, just so I could complete the scenario. Many times it crashed but I got there in the end! FIXED

6. Too many defined items crash the game when an item is loaded. And again, the limit is equal to the amount of items already in the game. FIXED

7. Neutral units and item chests seem to be linked. If the neutral side hits the max-producible-units-per-side limit, then no more item chests can be created, either. Forcing one to be created results in a crash to desktop. This is notoriously nasty on maps with a lot of lairs, as the neutral side could hit this limit early and before all enemy Heroes have been killed. If just one of those remaining Heroes has an item in their backpack, then the game is a stale mate - if he dies then the game crashes, as it can't create the item chest spawned from his death. FIXED


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[Jealous Swarm Bugs] Engine
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