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 [Jealous Swarm Bugs] Interface

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Devourer of bugs
Devourer of bugs

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PostSubject: [Jealous Swarm Bugs] Interface   Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:22 pm

1. When a single selected unit dies, sometimes the interface delays, allowing you to still issue commands to the recently died unit. Some of these commands (such as setting a patrol) will crash the game to desktop.

2. When frantically clicking a spell casting button on a selected unit to trigger nearby units to cast the same spell, nearby recently died units will cast theirs, too! This may only apply to summoning spells, though. FIXED

3. By moving units around newly opened retinue slots, you can "summon" a magical Ice Guard that can be recruited. This mythical Ice Guard has no stats nor can it do anything or be interacted with, which means you can't ever be defeated if this units is brought into battle. FIXED

4. Fog of war correctly conceals units - preventing the player from from selecting things on the map which they cannot see. However, hidden map doesn't do this, allowing you to select things in the fog and spy on what your enemies are doing, despite not actually meant to be able to do so.

5. Units ordered to attack targets that then become concealed by fog of war / hidden map, are still targeted, allowing your units to hunt them down. Further more, holding down shift to bring up the order queue will pin-point the target's position exactly. FIXED

6. A unit repeatedly ordered to move will occasional jump squares of the map tiles, allowing them to catch up with faster units.


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Earth Moulder
Earth Moulder

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PostSubject: Re: [Jealous Swarm Bugs] Interface   Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:49 am

A newly added one to the wiki (you may want to edit your first post to include this one and possibly delete this post)

7. Ordering a unit to attack an enemy target that's "in front" of an allied unit, will incorrectly order the unit to only move to that location, despite the attack cursor being displayed.

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[Jealous Swarm Bugs] Interface
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