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 Spawn Crashing, Critical Failure, Retinue Spellresist

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PostSubject: Spawn Crashing, Critical Failure, Retinue Spellresist   Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:37 pm

Not sure if these are bugs or limits of the engine
Spawn Crashing: when spawning upwards of 60+ units (around 70 or so not sure where exactly the cutoff point is) through either army setup spawning (diplomacy + other stuff and picking 1 pt units) or a super high level quasit summon spell (because spell levels arent linked to hero level and this is a lvl 1 ver meaning easy to level and lots of pts available to boost casting etc.), the game will black screen freeze/crash. Army setup causes it on game start (doesnt even load the scenario) and summoning version will just crash on cast.

Critical Failure: if the hero has above 100% critical chance (items + weaponmaster) his attacks on buildings (tested on towers) will always only do 1 dmg

Retinue Spellresist: Group heal spells from units do not seem to affect retinue units, healing 0 hp (even if the caster is the retinue unit).
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Spawn Crashing, Critical Failure, Retinue Spellresist
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