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 Tools to MOD the WBC3

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PostSubject: Tools to MOD the WBC3   Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:50 am

Besides the wonderful job that is beeing made on this Mod, I wonder what Tool you are using to edit the game.

I remember in my early ages of playing the game, that I used Omatic to test how far a hero level up would go.

After level 400-500, the game started to not handle quite well. Usually it crashed or even you could see some visual/gameplay bugs.

Beyond level 700 the battles were almost unplayable. The hero could be killed but his 3d design remained in the battle, with no way to be selected. Or, sometimes, the game crashed after few seconds the battle started.

My big question is if there is something I could edit to make it more stable. If there is something that can be made about the population cap (I hate it in RTS games).

I did not tried Omatic on this MOD, so I don't know if those kinds of bugs would happen with a high lvl hero.

Even if you have the source code and can't release it, would be possible to make a small patch just so the pop cap became infinite ? cheers
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Tools to MOD the WBC3
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